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Welcome to my "Free Internet Business" section. Here, I will show you a great way to generate some extra income each month.  SFI, or Strong Future International is my favorite it makes it easier than ever to make money from home.  This is a Network Marketing company, but before you click off this page, please here me out.  

Network Marketing is often mistaken for MLM's.  Many people may disagree with me on this, but here's what I've discovered.  MLM's require that you purchase a starter kit and then commit to a required monthly purchase.  You then recruit others who buy a starter kit and make a required purchase and this repeats down multiple levels.  MLM's are a pyramid scheme and are not recommended.  Most people lose money joining these groups and it's just not worth it.  Network Marketing offers a better solution!

Network Marketing allows you to sell to people whether they are in the plan or not.  The companies I work with are free to join and require no personal purchases.  They handle the billing, shipping, inventory and give you a free website!  In a nutshell, there is little to no risk for you.  You can recruit others into the business and make money from their efforts as well.  It's called Leverage.   In fact, J. Paul Getty once said,

"I would rather have 1% of the efforts of
100 people than 100% of my own

I'm willing to bet that you don't even know you're already in Network Marketing.  Every time you tell a friend about a good movie or new restaurant, you are referring them to a good product or service.  The only difference is that the movie and restaurants don't give you a percentage of the sale. These companies will do that...and on many items, the percentage comes to you each month, not just once!

Join my SFI team for Free!SFI is a great way to start an online business for free!  There are so many ways to earn with SFI.  First off, you can sell your own items just like on Ebay...but you only pay if you sell them.  Next, you can sell other people's items that they've listed and earn a commission for doing so.  Third, you can market to local businesses and have them sell their products on SFI/Tripleclicks.  When they list through your link, then you earn a commission.  There are also SFI products for sale too such as web hosting, natural cleaners, health and wellness products and much more.  

I love SFI because, in my opinion, they have the best training that I've seen.  It's not just "go and tell your friends and family".  They not only show you how to market your business both offline and online, but they also give you the tools such as flyers, banners, postcards, etc...  All you have to do is print them or post them.  There are also many cool things coming down the path in the near future such as artists being able to list their music for sale, discounts to local restaurants, and much more.  This is a must join!  You get a free website - actually several - to help you market, grown your business, and sell items.  Why wait?  Join me today!

To learn more about SFI & TripleClicks, click here.

Now, if you happen to give up, can't sell, or experience some other situation where you do not make extra money, you have lost nothing.  Since the businesses are free, you have no money invested.  

Another fantastic source of work at home suggestions is 20 Ways to Earn $100 per Day.  I actually do 12 of the 20 and am strongly considering trying the other 8.  These really work!