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Increase Revenues
Downtown Asheville - Photo by John Noce

Web RhinoWelcome.  If you have a small business, I'm sure you would like to increase your sales, correct?  You may be asking, "How do I increase sales?"  Given these economic times, it can be very difficult.  However, allow me to assist you and your business in increasing revenue no matter what the economic situation is at the time.

Let's face it; You have 3 ways to increase revenues:
  1. Get more customers.
  2. Get customers to spend more money while in your store. 
  3. Get existing customers to shop more frequently.  
So how do you achieve the above?  Well, first, if you have a business, you need a website.  People spend thousands of dollars for websites all the time.  It is a unique skill set.  However, having a website doesn't necessarily mean you're done.  In order for it to generate income, your site must have several things:

First, your website must be optimized for the search engines so people can actually find you.  This is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

, you need a way to capture your customer's email addresses in the store and on your site (if you have one).   This is called "List Building", and it's very powerful.  There's a saying online: "the money is in the list".  This strategy works for offline businesses too.  Allow me to show you how.

, you need an inexpensive way to keep in contact with your customers. What better way than email marketing.  

Fourth, why not take advantage of your own mini-infomercials.  Youtube videos are a great way to demo your product or introduce your company to others in an engaging way that will set you apart from the others.  

If you choose to hire me, you will receive something that no other Internet Marketing firm can provide...Me.  That's right; no 800 number, no support ticket, just a genuine real live person that you can call and speak with!   To learn more, email me or call at (828) 738-NOCE.