John Noce Consulting
Design and Consulting Rates
Downtown Asheville - Photo by John Noce
Consulting LogoWebsite LogoMy rates for the services I provide are listed below.  While it's very difficult to say how long a project will take, I can assure you that I always come in at or below my estimate.

Website Design
Website with Layout, Design, DNS settings and Search Engine Optimization.  Also editing & placement of photos and the creation of a contact form with email addresses. Our staff will also hand-submit your site to Google and Yahoo.  While there are no guarantees with SEO, we have achieved top 10 results for many of our clients using a "local market" approach.

Compare to local designers that start at $2500 or more!
$499 to $1500
depending on your needs
Increase Business Revenues with e-Marketing
If you would like to increase your business revenue, I offer a free consultation upfront in which I lay out an exact plan for your business.  If you decide to hire me, I have monthly plans that I offer in which I manage the project. These include list building, Search Engine Optimization and social networking.
per month
Domain Name Registration 1 Year
Compare to the average $35 registration fee. Plus, renewals are just $13.95 after that saving you even more!
per year
Basic Web Master Package
Great for small sites that you maintain yourself.  Custom email address of your choice.
$9.95 per month

Bronze Web Master Package
Great for small sites.  No charge for small updates.  Custom email address of your choice.
$25  per month

Silver Web Master Package
Great if you have a lot of  photos or information to pass along.  If you require several updates each month, this is the plan for you!  Up to 1 hour of updates at no additional charge!
$50 per month

Gold Web Master Package
Have a site that changes weekly?  Let me be your very own web master.  I will keep your site updated each month and provide the hosting for one reasonable monthly fee.  Perfect for Small Auto Dealers, Bars, Clubs and other businesses/organizations that have information that changes weekly.  
Includes email campaign/online list building
so you can get your message out!
$100 per month

Consulting / Independent Contractor Work
Temporary help available to help you achieve your project goals.  I can do anything from general office help to project management.  
Click here to view my resume.
$25 to $50
per hour based on project
Personal Coaching/Consulting Sessions
Learn how to get out of debt, start your own online business, or simply reduce your expenses.   I will come to you and give a 30 minute consultation on how you can achieve any of these.  
Running/Fitness Coaching Sessions
Want to start a fitness program?  I offer both running programs and strength training programs.  You'll learn warm-ups, stretching, cardio, strength and cool down routines.  I can come to your home or meet you at a location of your chosing.  Track, trail, gym...anywhere!  
$35 per session
$50 for couples
Computer Hardware & Software Installation:
Setup or Replacement of Old Computer System (equipment not included).  This includes establishing Internet connection and configuring to new or existing printer or all in one system.  We will even do a free evaluation and show you ways to save money on software packages.

Compare to the $99-$149 the big boxes charge for less features.
flat fee