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Web Design LogoWelcome to my website design page.  I offer website design, hosting, domain names, search engine optimization (SEO) and more.  While I'm based in Asheville, NC, I can build a site for you regardless of location.

Websites can be a confusing task for the small business owner.  Many business owners get frustrated with the various terminology such as websites, hosting, domain names, and SEO just to name a few.  It is actually pretty easy to understand if you simply think of it as an extension of your business.  The website is your store.  The hosting is the space you lease.  The domain name is your address and SEO is an advertising campaign so people discover your site.  

92% of all Internet searches are for local products and services.  
40% of these actually result in a sale!  
Can your potential clients find you on the Internet?

You may not realize it, but a website is the best thing you can do for your business. Think about it... It's there 24/7, costs a fraction of what a tiny ad costs in the paper, and can answer customer questions on demand such as store hours, location, products and services, etc...

I offer complete website solutions which include the design of a professional looking website, the monthly hosting and the domain name, all for very low prices. Last but not least, a great site doesn't do you much if nobody can find it.  I can help your site achieve top 10 search engine rankings using a local market approach.   There is a lot to consider when designing a website and I will help every step of the way. 

Website Design

I can design a professional looking site for you in a relatively short time.  If you have all the information ready, and you want only a few pages on your site, it is possible to have  your site up and running in less than a week.  I design all my websites with SEO in mind and will assist you in making the right choices in order to achieve the best results.  Sites are also designed with your customers in mind.  Did you know the average Internet user is still on dial up?  While a site with a lot of music and photos looks and sounds great, to the person with dial up, it's a major pain.  If your site doesn't load in 10 seconds or less, they will leave and go somewhere else.  Please keep this in mind.

Domain Names

A one year registration is just $11.95.  Your domain name will be registered to you, not a third party and you will have full control over it.  Many companies will charge you $50-$70 to register a domain name and often times it's not even registered to you but to them or some third party!  This is not wise.  

Can't think of a good domain name?  Let me help you.  I can also help you decide if you should be a .com, a .net, or another extension.


Not every website has the same needs.  That's why I offer 3 different web hosting packages.   Depending on the number of photos, and expected traffic, I will help you choose the best package for you.  If you have a site that will change often, I also have a hosting package in which I will become your "on-call" web master.  The servers I use are very secure and have a great back up system.  Uptime is approx 99%.  I can't promise 100% uptime since upgrades need to be made.  Anyone promising 100% uptime, is not protecting your information!


Search Engine Optimization is not an exact science.  Nobody can guarantee results.  I will say that I have achieved top ten search engine results in both Google and Yahoo as well as smaller search engines.  My SEO approach consists of the following:

First, I will coordinate your domain name, site title, site description and keywords so they work together. Secondly, I focus on a local market approach.  In other words, if you have an ice cream shop, odds are you don't care if someone in Oregon finds you on the web when they search for ice cream shops.  

However, if someone (regardless of location) wants to find an ice cream shop in Asheville, BINGO...there you will be!  If you do have a product or service and want it to appear in the search engines with a national approach, it gets much harder. You can imagine how many millions of returns one would get doing a search for ice cream shops.  I can still help though, by using link building and pay-per-click strategies.  

Desktop Publishing

I also offer photo editing, online class development, flyers, brochures and ebook creation. 

Other Services

I also offer assistance in other areas as well.  If your computer needs an upgrade (new drive, more memory, software installation or data transfer), I can help.  Buying a new computer?  I can help set it up for you for much less than the Big Boxes will charge.  I can setup and install computers, printers, fax machines, copiers, or all in one units and configure them to your system.  While there, I will also perform a free evaluation of your current phone and Internet.  I may be able to save you money each and every month on these and other expenses. All in all, a great return on your investment! In addition, I also offer tutoring in various types of computer and software topics.